How to get here
Setting off from the Osteria you can easily reach some of the most beautiful churches and castles of the Valtiberina, where events over the years have spelt out some of the most significant periods in the history of Tuscany.
Leave the car and follow the banks of a nearby stream leading to the exquisite Romanesque church of Santa Maria di Sovara.

Another well-trodden path will take you to the Chiesa del Carmine, -for centuries a site of worship, where a local shepherd girl witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary.
Nowadays you can stay overnight in one of the cells where the monks used to sleep in this ancient monastery. Continuing your walk amongst olive groves and Cyprus trees you will come to the magnificent castles of Galbino and Montauto.

The Convento di Montauto is also well worth a visit. This convent, with its peaceful atmosphere of religious meditation, is where Saint Francis left his habit before going on to Assisi, preserved to this day by the nuns who reside here. Belong the castle you can see the chapel of Saint Francis where a spring miraculously gushed out of the ground. Finally, not to missed, era the cascade del fosso del Raggio, the Miniera dei Monti Rognosi and Ponte alla Piera – a tiny village built of stone set the mountain side.